Stop for the Love of Salads!

From Singapore, to Manila, now to Cebu.

Finally, the franchise that has been pushing for a healthier food chain across Asia through their #eatingwideawake movement opens its first shop in Ayala Center Cebu! Manila patrons have been enjoying Salad Stop for some time already but it took a bit of time to open up one here in Cebu.

Perhaps wary of the thought that Cebuanos are more price conscious (as the items are on the not-so-cheap category) than their Manila counterparts, it was a gamble that seems to be taking off as Cebuanos have been flocking to the newest foodie place in town to get their healthy grub!

It is pleasant, but not surprising to note that being healthy is a major concern for most Pinoys and for some, eating right is much more accessible than logging extra long hours in the gym or running through asphalt roads.

With that said, Cebuanos are curious about Salad Stop, with 10 Signature salads that can be made into wraps, custom salad for those that want to experiment, the combinations are endless and surprisingly, interesting.

True to its Asian theme, some of the signature salads or wraps feature Indian, Singaporean/Malaysian, Japanese on the menu. A bit surprised they didn’t have the cliché Oriental Salad or Chinese Salad as most restaurants call them, but I guess that’s the whole point, you just have to make your own.

Looking at their website, they claim to work with local partners for their source and produce and promises 72 hours from farm to your bowl. Not exactly sure who is counting, but judging from how fast the orders go, I won’t be surprised 🙂

SeriousPanda has been orgasmic over this one, well, he really is the vegan/vegetarian convert. Me? I eat anything and just as happy grubbing on leafy greens with some chicken thrown in ha ha ha.

if you’re concerned about price, the portions are pretty good, that is, if you want to share one bowl, so just think that it’s one order, two servings and stretch that budget a little. Hey, health and wellness doesn’t have a price!

Food 4/5, Portion 4/5, Price 3/5 still a mighty 11/15 rating for this restaurant.

Now hope it is able to sustain the interest of the Cebuanos 🙂 Go forth and eat healthy!





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