image Hello guys (PeskyPanda says we also welcome girls, animals, specially bears, everyone in fact ha ha ha, PeskyPanda is being too literal) Welcome to our blog where we feature food, travel (he forgot to mention our cats) and anything in between.

My name is Jan and I am one half of the yummy pandas. We love food and traveling. Things that make a happy panda bear.

image Okay, that guy wearing the glasses is Panda Jan, he is the SeriousPanda. Me? I love to poke fun at things, am not so serious about anything (i leave that at work lol). Just note, i have an issue with him limiting the readers to guys, because obviously, this blog has a strong Klingon following and throw in a couple of Ewoks, and a few pandas also subscribe to this blog (oh, i wish).

Nya ha ha ha.

But yes, we do love our food, we bicker over it, he likes stuff that i don’t like so much (he hates vinegar, dunno why) and the same goes for me. So just in case you are wondering, you can probably read two totally different reviews about something, or we might agree, or agree to disagree. But, and yes pandas have big butts, we do respect each other and share the passion for travel, food and cats. Yes, cats, you will see pictures of cats in this blog just because i forced SeriousPanda that the theme of our blog is about food, travel and cats.

I am still looking for a picture that makes me look half decent, so hang in there ha ha ha.

PeskyPanda aka Panda Dennis, also known as Panda Cacho


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Love your photos! I’m doing an article on Mexican food, I work for a publishing company here in Cebu City. We basically distribute magazines for international book fairs (we’re doing our Guadalajara issue atm). Hey, I’d love to feature your work, would like to know if you’re interested in contributing some of your photos? Please send me a text on 09984558651 or email me. I’m trying to meet a deadline this Friday, can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂


      1. Fantastic! 🙂 I’ll be needing the high-res photos though (this will be for print man gud sa magazine), any Mexican/Spanish cuisine photo that you have would be awesome. Can I get your full name please and contact details so I can give proper credit? Please, please, please contact me via phone or email them to me janette.tolentino@cri.clickablebrand.com. Can’t wait to hear from you, excited! 🙂


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