Fiesta Minore, the Newest Foodstrip in Town

Open 7 days, 5pm to 12mn =)

Cebu city is fast catching up to the idea of a food market, specifically “night food strip” where people can go for al fresco dining and dozens of choices to choose from. 

Only Filipinos will understand the caption, Hungry, Super Hungry and Pass out Hungry Set Meals lol

The newest strip to open is Fiesta Minore just in time for the opening of the newest wholesale superstore franchise opening of Landers. People looking for dinner options can easily cross over and have their pick from various stalls.

PeskyPanda and SeriousPanda with another foodie friend, PandaMetz

The good news is, the place is well lit with open space and the flooring is generally cemented and they have canvass cover for a section of the eating area.

The only gripe is that it can get hot, next is that the food options can become monotonous with a number of stalls offering bbq or grilled meats, Lechon, fried chicken etc. 

It is still far from the Salcedo or Legaspi weekend food market in Manila where you can have multi national choices. It comes with having the organizers curate the choices and vendors to give a better experience.

Healthy Options!

Nevertheless it is still an option for people tired of going to malls.

There’s one place that serves freshly juiced pineapple mixed with other juices and once you have it, you will never go back to the canned pineapple juice in the market, check #pinacooladaltd out!

The other good thing about the place is that they are open 7 days a week, from 5pm to 12mn unlike the other food markets that are technically just weekend food bazaars. Will have to schedule another visit.



Update – The place already closed 😦 oh well, it was a poor copy of Sugbo Mercado and most of the vendors here are also the same stalls you’d find in Sugbo Mercado


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