Juicing Stuff

SeriousPanda, being his usual serious self, is a self proclaimed vegetarian of sorts, except for the occasional egg and fish, he has been trying to do more juicing.

grabbed this pic from SeriousPanda’s FB wall he he he, sweet beets, broccoli, pineapple, lettuce – power fruit and vege!

Sweet beet, cucumber, carrots, green eeky leafy vegetable stuff, mixed with lemon, pineapples, watermelons and sometimes when he feels decadent, frozen berries and strawberries.

I like my vegetables in a salad or cooked, so my own version of juicing would be frozen strawberries, bananas, berries, milk and a dash of raw honey. I try to make it healthier by adding chia seeds, and sometimes I make some raw overnight oats and mix it in my smoothies. Perfect way to get essential fiber, nutrients to start the day. Goooodie morning y’all!

overnight oats, chia, strawberries, banana, add milk and water! Fiber and nutrient rich breakfast!


Kale, pineapple, watermelon, almond milk when you want your greens and fruits in one go šŸ™‚ – SeriousPanda recipe lol




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