Liloan Streetfood

Liloan is doing something to encourage a celebration of street food in a relaxed environment where people can buy food, have it cooked and delivered right to your table. During weekends, they close off one whole street beside the municipal hall, the vendors sell an assortment of bbq ranging from the classic pork bbq skewers, chorizo, pork belly, chicken and set alongside gigantic milkfish, squid, tulingan.



One can also pick your choice of kinilaw and exotic options like suaki (sea urchin), suahi, sea cucumber, seaweed, banana heart, langka or jack fruit in coconut milk. If you want your cholesterol fix, you can also buy lechon by the kilo. Wash it all down with fresh buko juice from the shell or mixed with condensed milk and coconut meat for a refreshing drink.

the local government organized the street food into a better experience and set up proper cover for the vendors.
the colorful public restroom

2 giant bangus, one extra large squid, two chunks of pork belly, 13 pieces of rice hearts, 6 packets of assorted vegetables kinilaw style, 3 fresh buko juice, 2 buko milk all under 1,200 pesos good to feed 6 to 7 people.

kinilaw/local ceviche an assortment of choices
the pork belly barbecue is a standard in every street food 🙂

If you are on your way up north for a trip, do drop by the Liloan Weekend Streetfood market to satisfy your cravings!

This is an updated post since they closed down the original Streetfood alley in Liloan to make sure that it is better organized 🙂

Price 4/5 Portion 5/5 Food 5/5 – Good Value for Money all around




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