Sachi Again

The first time was a good experience that we decided to go back to Sachi and sample the other dishes. This time we got the Modanyaki or cheese and garlic pancakes with crispy noodles for SeriousPanda and Okonomiyaki or Japanese “pizza” with squid for myself. 

Since I loved their takoyaki from the last visit, I ordered it again but SeriousPanda doesn’t want to eat it because it had šŸ™ (octopus) and he thinks they’re too smart to be eaten.

Also got the chance to take some pictures of the interiors and I had to be extra careful since it was a full packed house that night.

I love their Ayala branch as it features nooks and corners with a theme, from sakura, to famous landmarks in Japan or the very geometric wall decor that had trinkets from all over the world.

I still have to try their ramen though as they are supposed to be famous for that, let’s see if it lives up to the hype =) do check out the original review

Happy Eating



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