Breakfast at the Philippine School for Culinary Arts

A friend posted that he likes the Breakfast Cafe as it was a nice and cozy place for meetings. I should have read between the lines, he never said anything about the food.

With interests piqued, the pandas with another friend decided to check it out for brunch. For Php175 you get to choose your “starches”, another name for bread and rice prepared in different ways, then choose from the eggs section (two eggs cooked multiple ways), a drink (hot or cold), and a main viand that had a standard list of Pinoy breakfast staples (sardines, bistek, Adobo, sardines, chorizo etc) as well as a few American choices (sausages, corned beef, spam and ham).

Suffice to say that with the exception of the chorizo, the rest was just blah. Not really worth the money for the meal. But yes, if you want a quiet place, you can visit the place.

What makes it doubly disappointing is that it is supposed to be run by the Philippine School for Culinary Arts. Seriously, they lost the art of making good food. Even Sinangag Express serves better food at a third of the price.

The food was so disappointing we ended up in Landers to eat a bit more, the irony of having fast-food tasting better than a cafe.

Price 2/5, portion 2/5, price 2/5




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