Beefast at the Bee Farm

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been to The Bee Farm in Bohol. One, to relax and unwind, two to eat the utterly fantabulous food. 

They claim that everything on their menu is organic, even the meats are grown and fed organic feeds. First time I heard of organic pork, but hey I’m not complaining.

Every booking comes with free breakfast and you do have a wide choice of options, from salads, to corned beef, omelets, fish, honey cured ham, cassava bread with choices of spreads from pesto butter honey to my uber favorite, the mango butter honey spread.

You also get a selection of teas, hot native coffee or chocolate, juices to complete the meal. 

Their restaurant has become a destination of sorts that even guests from other resorts drop by to sample their food.

Now who says organic food is boring?

Price 3/5 Portion 3/5 Food 4/5




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