A Phó Story

During my early morning walks I always see the sign announcing the upcoming opening of WATDA PHÓ, and I was looking forward to having a Vietnamese noodle house near my place.

Too bad the experience doesn’t quite live up to the expectation. Starting with the phó itself, the meats need a bit more tender loving care, and the soup, the real star of any noodle soup story needs some brightening up.

Wanted to give them a second chance so i went back to order some other dishes, the ban mi was just passable, nothing spectacular, would have been better if they placed more vegetables, fresh vegetables, and even when they asked if I wanted it spicy, the only thing they did was to give me a bottle of sriracha. Ah. Okay.

I liked the egg and spring rolls though, one fried, one fresh. But unfortunately that is not enough to carry the whole experience.

I can probably say its because they just recently opened, but that’s not an excuse. First impression matters and I am not inclined to visit again. Sigh.

I found their catch phrases funny though, a few ha ha, a little he he there. A play and pun off the word phó just like the name.

So PHÓ so good

PHÓ with me

I PHÓ KING love it

And of course the restaurant name itself, WATDA PHÓ.

Price 3/5, portion 4/5, Food 1/5




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