Sunday Thoughts

Sunday thoughts, friends celebrating a birthday, a lot of pigs died and offered their lives for a lechon feast, a few are still working and about to sleep, another lost a fur baby, yet another lost a friend because of a tragic road accident, one is in the hospital because of a sick child and one whose life has a deadline of two weeks according to the doctor and family members are trying to celebrate the remaining days to the fullest. Yet another one is basking under the summer sun, enjoying the beach because that’s what bitches do, go to the beach. Some are enjoying the company of family out on a family day, others are nursing a cup of coffee enjoying their own company. Life is uncertain but beautiful, whether you are alone or with family, life is fleeting, life is vivid, at the end of the day you choose how you want it to be. Live it!



Pandas Love Notes from You!

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