Marisse Patisserie

I’m such a sucker for small quaint cafes. And there’s this new (actually they’ve been open for quite sometime already) that I wanted to go to, Marisse Patisserie at 32 Sanson.

It’s a small cafe with a french countryside ambiance. White shabby chic chairs and white prestine walls. Very instagrammable. And yes, for some strange reason, they have a pool.

Surprisingly, the prices aren’t so bad given that they are located in a high end condominium compound. Their pastries are around P75 and cakes at around P120. The coffees are P95 to P150. 

I ordered their Guava Peanut Butter Rolls. And yes, I could die in gooey goodness. The peanut butter topping was an overkill in a goodway. The tang from the guava gave it a lil bite. The roll itself was soft like marshmallow. 

As for my caffeine fix, I got the Dark Chocolate Macchiatto. At best, it was decent. Too sweet and not enough chocolate or coffee taste. 

So what’s the verdict? Well, this is a good place to hang, chill and take pretty much selfies while indulging on good baked treats. As for the coffee, just get an Americano. 🙂


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