Another Delicious Lunch from Planet Vegis

If you have read my previous posts or a follower of our blog, you’d know that we are big fans of Planet Vegis. And on this episode of vegan lunch, they did not disappoint.

I love their Tofu Kebabs. Fresh veggies and tofu seasoned just right. And it looks like meat. Plus points. 

Next we got the vegan Lechon Kawali. For those not Filipino, lechon kawali is crispy fried pork belly. This used to be a fave of mine until I discovered the horrors of slaughter. So I was excited to try this out. It’s made of tofu and a soy bean-derived wrapping. It was good. Not quite there but if you eat it with sauce, it does taste like pork. 

Next is the Korean “Beef” Stew. It was savory and sweet but a little on the sweet side for my taste. So this for me is a downer but still very edible. 

Of course, we had rice. We got the Shanghai Rice. Simply stir fried rice with veggies. Very yummy. No complaints.
For good vegan/veggie meals that’s affordable and tasty, head to Planet Vegis in Guadalupe, Cebu City.


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