Lunhaw Cafe

Cebu has limited vegan options but good thing that the vegan cuisine slowly gaining traction and popularity on this side of the country. 

A new cafe is Lunhaw at the Maxwell Hotel on Escario St. A friend tagged me on their FB page hence we decided to try it out.

Lunhaw has limited offerings which for me is a good thing. I mean concentrating on a few good things is better than being mediocre on a lot of things. So that’s where it gets interesting. Their food is at most a 5 out of 10. 

I (Serious Panda) ordered the Sweet and Sour Tofish and found it bland and tasteless. Pretty far from what I get from Planet Vegis. Pesky Panda got the Vimbimbap. He said he liked it as it was tasty and the hot sauce was full of flavor. We had the Bolognese with some “meatballs” to share. The pasta and sauce were delicious. The bad of the dish was the mock meatballs. They could have just omitted that and the dish would have been fine.

The service and interiors are a 10. Very nice place to hang out.
Oh. And I also got the soy coffee. Very healthy tasty if you know what I mean. 

Would I go back? Probably. Maybe to try their sisig which I read is very tasty. So yeah. Maybe 2nd time will be a charm. Let’s see.


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