Yu Yu Tei

It wasn’t my first time in Yu Yu Tei. On the contrary, this is one of my fave places when I’m craving for some Japanese. 

My favorite is their fried chicken or Tori Karage (well as far as I can remeber it before going vegetarian). 

But the best thing about this place is their lunch sets. Good Japanese food on a budget! 

They have lunch sets from 260 PHP to 390 PHP. Lunch sets are pretty hearty with rice, soup and a main dish. Some with an appetizer. And the day we went, they had a 30% discount promo on everything. I only paid 200 PHP for my lunch. What a steal!

On this visit, I got the Seafood Tepanyaki set. It had veggetables, a tempura, salmon and some squid on a hot plate. These with some miso soup and a bowl of rice. I also got the Kangkong Tempura which is crispy as crispy can get.

Yu Yu Tei Japanese Restaurant is definitely Japanese on a budget.

They are located at The Gallery, Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City.


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