Abaca Baking Company/A Cafe

It’s the day before Christmas and I am working the night shift. Hmmm. Not the happiest situation but of course I have to suck it up like the Christmas of past. 

As a boost, I decided to treat myself to brunch. And what better place to dine than The Abaca Baking Company or A Cafe at the Crossroads in Banilad. This is the best breakfast place in Cebu. The portions are hefty and the dishes are comforting. Definitely, more value for money than Birdseed.

Today, I had the Veggie Scramble on some thick white bread toast. I love the consistency of the eggs. Wet without being runny. The vegetables are smoky. Nice touch on grilling them before putting in with the eggs. I like the combo of asparagus and the mushrooms in particular.

For dessert (of course), I had the Frangipane Tart topped with some peaches. It was not too sweet. Very light crust. And the peaches were cooked, should I say, al dente. 

Aside from the good food, I love the staff. Very friendly and accomodating. They give you water and refill your glass without you asking. They do small talk. They even give you inside tips on some promos and discounts. 

Tip: 30% off on all baked goods every 8pm and 50% off by 9pm.

Definitely, my meal put me in a joyous mood. Now, time for some sleep. 🙂


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