Jiggae and Bibimbap at Todam

We are back at our favorite Korean restaurant. Todam is a bit expensive but the food is all worth it. It takes us back to when we visited Korea and eating in back alleys.

This time I got the Tuna Kimchi stew or Tuna Kimchi Jiggae. Perfect for this rainy day. Hot, spicy and delicious. Besides, Koreans are so into pork that this is one dish in their menu I can eat. 

Pesky Panda got the Octopus Bibimbap. I refrained from that. I kinda can’t look at the dead octopus. RIP Mr Octopus.

We also got the Korean Pancake. It was crispy and full of chives. Very well seasoned. Tasty.

As usual the food was delicious and it all comes with 5 side dishes or Banchan. Take note, the side dishes are refillable.

Todam is located at F. Cabahug St. right across Citi Hotel.


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