LoTR – Lord of the Ribs

Let’s get one thing straight first, the only reason why I ended up eating at LOTR was because Aida’s the chicken place is closed on a Monday. With that said, i had the option to order the Rib Rice or the Chicken Peri Peri, and since I missed Nando’s chicken Peri Peri i ordered the dish with a potato wedge topped with rib shreds as an appetizer.



The Rib Rice, was a rip off, discarded parts of the rib, cubed and used as a topping. no wonder they were charging at Php 110. The chicken Peri Peri was a piece of chicken thigh, deboned then placed on top of a mound of rice with two types of sauces on the side. For 140p an order, it was a rip off as i could have gotten more value for the same amount in Aida’s. In fairness, it was tasty but knowing how small the portion was made me feel like throwing a tantrum.

The potato wedges topped with cubed discarded pieces of the ribs was reasonable but nothing spectacular.

Well, we know better now. no more second try for this self proclaimed Lord of the Ribs.


Pesky Panda




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