A Second Chance

Long Island Calamari Salad

The Filipino Movie A Second Chance talked about redemption and finding love a second time. I thought that I can say the same about Urban Crave.

Mixed reviews, the Bruschetta topped with Tomato Salsa, Parmesan and Fresh Basil was like a rework of the eggplant dish i previously ordered, down to the same sweet balsamic vinaigrette glaze.

The only shining star of the meal was the Long Island Calamari salad that was fresh, light and the Calamari was surprisingly soft and tasty.

Chicken Adobo

I’ve said this before, any restaurant that can not serve a decent adobo (if that’s part of the menu) is not worthy of being in business at all. Aside from being too salty the chicken used was not fresh. Like a piece that was frozen for months then thawed before it was cooked. That’s the weird thing, adobo should taste better the longer it ferments but this one was a disaster.

The only reason why we came back in the first place was because the Tinda Locale selection was limited and we realy didn’t want to go back to the Mexican place two nights in a row. The salad was 4/5, the bruschetta about the same, and the adobo was 1/5.

Second Chances should be better, in this case, it just reaffirmed that the food was not great at all. Oh well.


Pesky Panda



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