Salinas by Golden Cowrie yet again


Salinas, not really sure how to classify the restaurant, it serves familiar Filipino flavors but done in a way that is definitely new and with hints of international flair. Think “deconstructing” the Filipino cuisine into something new and that is how Salinas prepares their food.


The heart of banana, pineapple, cashew, carrots, shallots salad with a sweet salty  vinaigrette has hints of Thai but still is very Filipino and a perfect way to start the meal.

The crispy pig’s ears, boiled tender then battered before fried to a crisp is a unique take on chicharon with lesser fat but still has some level of guilt all over it, same with the smoked milkfish that has been flaked and made  into croquettes. What is supposed to be appetizers can also be eaten as part of the main course.


For the main dish, Deconstructed Cocido with succulent pork, beef, chinese sausage, cabbage, corn, carrots, potatoes, garbanzos plated in a pretty array and the sour salty soup served seperately makes for some good pictures 🙂 shallots, mashed eggplant and long green chilis cooked with the soup can be used to add to a perfect bite of the meaty goodness laid out in front of you.

Salinas has not yet failed us, and Pesky Panda is looking forward to going through the whole menu lol


Pesky Panda







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