It is an A not a U at Barikata

Only Cebuanos will understand that insider joke of a title ha ha ha. With that said, Barikata in IT Park is by far, one of the best japanese ramen places here in the city. Their specialty is the roasted garlic pork bone broth ramen that tastes so velvety and creamy it makes you want to just pick up the bowl and slurp it up.

They also have the spicy ramen version and you can guess it is tantalizingly hot by the red bowl that comes with it and the red chili paste that comes as a topping.

They also serve other appetizers and some other dishes, the tore karaage (fried chicken) with lemon and japanese mayo as a dip cuts across the richness of the ramen.

And you know it is really good food when you see Japanese customers patronizing the restaurant.



you can order extra slices of the soft, melt in your mouth pork slices if you want extra meaty goodness, but the real star is the home made ramen and the special broth that i heard takes hours and hours to perfect.

Go check them out in Calyx building, IT Park in Apas, Cebu City and be ready for a treat 🙂







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