Craving Unsatisfied

Serious Panda was pretty happy with the salad from Urban Crave, but since PeskyPanda wants a bit of meat, i also had my craving for baby back ribs and decided to try the one from Urban Crave.

How do i say this, well, it was a disappointment. just on the merits of that dish alone i wouldn’t make an effort to go out of my way to try their baby back ribs. They listed it as their specialty and if it can’t satisfy my cravings then i fear the other dishes might end up as a disappointment as well. Casa Verde serves something similar, with bigger portions and about 2/3 of the price. and no ambiance is not something i care about when it comes to food, so am not paying for the ambiance. If you want something basic, filling, reasonably priced, try Nona’s BBQ station from tinda locale during the weekend at the greenery, they serve a slab for 140pesos, almost a third of the price i paid for the one in Urban Crave.


Surprisingly, the saving grace was the roasted eggplant stuffed with cream cheese, topped with tomatoes, glazed with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette and made fresh with torn basil as garnishing. am not turning vegetarian but i enjoyed that dish more than the baby back ribs they touted as their specialty.

I guess if I am looking to satisfy that craving, am not going back to Urban Crave anytime soon šŸ™‚







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