Aida-licious Comes to Cebu!


Pesky Panda has heard rumors going around that Aida opened a branch in Cebu. For those that are unaware, Aida is a well known establishment in Bacolod’s Manokan Country strip and is well loved for their tasty chicken inasal or barbeque.

What makes the Bacolod inasal version tasty is that they use the white leghorn chicken, big, plump, juicy, tender and marinated in a mixture of palm vinegar, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, pepper, sugar and lemon grass which gives it a delicious aroma and taste even without the sauce.

Manokan country is also known for the practice of saving the chicken fat drippings that is then used to slather all over your rice with a bit of soy sauce. ah heaven!


Standard cuts include pecho (chicken breast with wing), paa (thigh and leg) and an assortment of other exotic cuts like li-og (neck), isol (chicken tail – my fave), atay (liver), puso (heart), baticolon (gizzard) etc. suffice to say that almost every part of the chicken is skewered and roasted over open burning coals and basted regularly with the same marinade.


unlike the american bbq version, the chicken is very savory with little or no hint of sugar as part of the basting sauce which gives it a very pure flavor. To compliment the dish, you have to mix a dipping sauce of cane vinegar with chili, garlic, soy sauce and for that extra tangy kick, add a squeeze of kalamansi or local lemon.


suffice to say that we enjoyed the food and the simple ambiance of the restaurant lent it a very rustic feel. and the best part is that if i get the craving for Bacolod inasal, i don’t have to fly to the next island to enjoy this dish 🙂

use google to find where the place is, for now, pesky panda loves to keep its location a secret he he he.


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