Mooshi Mooshi

Being very health concious can be very difficult nowadays. Almost everyone has good food but most are bad for your health. 

Good thing, Mooshi is here in Cebu. They have several branches in the Metro but ever since they opened in IT Park, they have been my usual place for good healthy food and my daily smoothies.

Yes. They are a bit expensive but you cannot put a price on good health. Their ingredients are whole and organic. They have vegan options as well.

My favorite smoothies are the BOOST (immunity booster) and the CILANTRO CLEANSE (for detox). 

I also like their food. Their veggie chips are bags of guilt-free tastiness without the saturated fats of normal potato.

The Malunggay Fettuccine ala Promodoro is tasty. The pasta has heft which is a good pair with the tangy tomato sauce.

Their Mushroom Burger though is a let down. Bland. Not worth the P295 I paid.


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