Degree 9 Cafe


Serious Panda loves his coffee, i am not particularly fond of that so it is a bit weird that when i am in Degree 9 i end up ordering their Mango Snow dessert or in Korean, they call it Bing Su, in the Philippines it is halo halo with only the sweetest mango cubes served on a bed of milk ice shaved so fine it feels like velvet on your tongue. Wait, should be called Halo only then lol.

Halo halo is supposed to be an assortment of  fruit jams, sweets, on a bed of ice, milk, sugar syrup, custard. You eat it by mixing everything before taking that first bite. And what is weird for some is that we mix in sweet corn, candied purple yam, in some cases, sweetened boiled yellow potatoes which for some people are considered as vegetables, but if you haven’t tried the jam version you are missing something else.


And i couldn’t care less that it is raining and turning to be breezy and cold outside, will gladly order this again and again. Yum yum!

Last note, not sure why they named the cafe degree 9, still figuring that one out.


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