Tom N Toms Coffee: The Korean Starbucks?

I was walking today from the office in the intent of catching some Pokemons when I encountered a pleasant sight, a new cafe. 

Tom N Toms Coffee recently opened their 2nd (based on my research) store in the Philippines. Located at the Greenery in Mabolo, it is very accessible. 

Tom N Toms has been dubbed as the Starbucks of S. Korea although I didn’t see a lot of their branches when I visited Seoul. Anyway, the feel of their store is pretty much “Starbucksy.”

They have a modern interior with a lofty feel. A lot of lighting. Perfect for lounging and god forbid studying. It wouldn’t be long till students invade this space. 

Aside from drinks and pastries, they sell tumblers and coffee devices. Very Starbucks. I prefer the goods here though as they sell very interesting merchandise especially to a coffew lover like me. They have tumblers with brewing mechanisms. Want a french press that doubles as a spill-proof on the go mug? They have it. What about a tumbler with a drip attachement? They also have that. 

What about the drinks and food? Unfortunately, I just ate lunch and am about to sleep so I just got the Kiwi Smoothie. The coffee and menu review will have to come later.

In fairness, it was very refreshing. A lil artificial but tasty. More apple than kiwi though. Tangy and sweet.

You should definitely visit as this is a good place to hang around with friends or just be alone. Let’s just hope students will stay away from this place (no offense but yeah).


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