Planet Vegis: Ala Carte

​Last time we were here, we tried their buffet. This time, we figured we’d try the ala carte menu. 

We ordered the fresh lumpia, chicharon, pancit bihon, adobo, and the sweet and sour fish. It seems like our meal can cause a heart attack but no. These are all vegan. 

The fresh lumpia was indeed yummy. The young bamboo shoot and peanut filling was balanced. It was served with a tangy sauce which for me was unnecessary as the lumpia alone was already tasty. The sour sauce just interferes with the taste of the lumpia.

The chicharon was crunchy and was very reminiscent of kropek. Not sure what it was made of.
The bihon was also pretty good. It was delish without any help from meat. 

But the winners were the adobo, and the sweet and sour fish.

The adobo was like how my mom would make it. A balance of salty and sour served with potatoes. I swear it was like eating the real thing. The texture of the veggie meat was just right. Very firm. 

The sweet and sour fish was also legit. The “fish” was covered in crispy batter which was to die for. The sauce was also well balanced. I hate it when a sweet and sour dish was more sour than sweet or the other way around. It has to be balanced and this dish has that. Balance.
Planet Vegis never fails. For a healthier and animal cruelty free option, this place is a must visit. 

They are located on Osmena St., Guadalupe, Cebu City.


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