Planet Vegis

Being a learning and transitioning vegan. Me and Pesky Panda decided to try out Planet Vegis. They are located in Guadalupe. They are at the same old location of the original Moon Cafe for those in the know. 

They offer lacto-ovo vegetarian fare. They have an ala carte menu on all days and a buffet on weekends. And since it’s our first time, we opted to splurge and go for the buffet. 

The buffet has about 5 main dishes. Drinks are included. Dessert is mainly a fruit which on that day were bananas. 

Honestly, everything looked like the “real” deal. The most interesting was the dinuguan which is blood stew. What?! Vegan blood? How is that even possible? Well, from the taste of it, the meat was tofu and the “blood” was made of black beans. Pesky Panda liked it. He likens it with a fatty dinuguan due to the texture of the tofu. For me, it was just okay. It’s good but I don’t find anything dinuguan about it except for the look.

I loved the Kaldereta (Filipino beef tomato stew). They used veggie meat and I swear it tasted like authentic kaldereta. Even better because the veggie meat was soft and tender. 

There was also the Okoy which I like. Okoy if I’m correct is like a fish fritter dish. Their version used mung beans. It was crunchy and super tasty. 

But the dish that I truly like was the Escabeche or Sweet and Sour Fish. OMG! The veggie meat strips were super crunchy and the sauce was balanced really well. I swear. Better than any escabeche I have tasted.

The interiors of the place was quite pleasant. Very quaint. And they have pictures of vegan celebs and their notable quotes which for a beginner like me is very encouraging. 

I also like their menu. They have labels of what is vegan(free from animal products) and what contains dairy. Very helpful.

Planet Vegis is a must go whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore. Good food is good food and they have it. They’re located at Andres Abellana Street, Cebu City


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