Red Chef: My Veggie Savior

Transitioning as a vegan is not easy especially when you are at work. Stress can get to you and your busy schedule just forces you to grab a burger and be done with it. Good thing I found Red Chef in Cebu IT Park where I work.

They are one of those places that offer reasonably priced veggie dishes. Being a chinese resto, they probably use MSG but hey at least MSG is from sugar cane. That’s still vegan.

Sauteed Cabbage with Tofu

Garlic Tofu

I love their Sauteed Cabbage with Tofu and their Taugi with Tofu. They perfected the art of frying tofu to a level where I swear I was eating fried chicken. They are that good.

If I am feeling a little naughty, I order the oily Ngohiong. Ngohiong is a Cebuano spring roll filled with bamboo shoots and fried until golden and crispy.

I also love their Garlic Tofu. Very generous portions for P90 pesos. Actually, most of the veggie options would sell for P90 to P150. The portions are good for 2-3 persons. So I usually eat half and have the other to go for a second meal. Not bad, eh?

Red Chef is located at the ground floor of the i2 building in Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.


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