Kusina Uno

Rellenong Talong

Abuhan was the go to place in the 80s and 90s for the after party crowd in Cebu, where the people go to have a bowl of their delicious steaming pochero (beef bone soup) to shake off a night of drinking alcohol and dancing. Kan-irag hotel was a hostel made famous by Abuhan that operated round the clock on its ground floor.

They have since opened a second and third branch with more swanky ambiance  but at one point they closed off their first branch. Cooks, waiters were displaced and as fate would have it, it was said they formed a cooperative and opened their own pochero restaurant in Panagdait and the story of Kusina Uno (literally meaning kitchen first) came to be.

Sizzling Bangus

For me, Kusina Uno is home to comfort filipino food, basic, with a few selections but done with flavors and skills learned through the years of operating the old Abuhan fame.

When i need a break from the beef bone soup that they are known for, i order the sizzling bangus (milkfish) served on a hot iron platter and drenched with their signature buttery gravy.

I pair it with Rellenong Talong, which is technically an open faced grilled eggplant, topped with seasoned ground pork and fried into a pancake with beaten eggs. The eggplant is my concession to a “balanced” meal, vegetables paired with some meat =)


Expect nothing fancy in their restaurant, just good food and the same smiling faces of the cooks and waiters i have gotten to know through the years of coming back for more. Enjoy!

– Pesky Panda


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