Wellnessland Cafe

I have a big announcement to make. And this may be a shocker but I need to confess. I must. So here it is,

I am turning VEGAN. Yes. VEGAN. As in no more meats or any animal products. This includes milk and eggs. 

So now, you’ll probably see more green posts from me. The regular stuff would have to be care of Pesky Panda.

And for my first vegan blog, I would like to share a place called Wellenessland Cafe. Wellnessland is a health and transformation center where my mom with cancer is getting treatment. So everytime I go with her, I eat at their cafe and they have some tasty green grub. Perfect for a transitioning vegan like me. They don’t only serve good food but also sell a bunch of stuff to help you in being healthy. They have organic rice, turmeric and all those good stuff. They also have books and dvds if you need information on eating and living right.

So let’s get the food review going.

The mongos dish was tasty without using any meat. I just ate it with my rice like there is no tomorrow. And at P75 and a size good for 3, it’s definitely value for money.

I love the Coco Pith Lumpia. Very crunchy. The flavor is fresh. And it’s not oily at all. 

The Vegan Siomai was decent. It definitely was not meat as the filling has a texture of cardboard but some soy sauce and chili  sauce made it easier to chow down. 

As for the California Maki, it was light and pleasant. The mango with the green veggies is a good combination. For those who do not eat veggies, the mangoes will help. It didn’t have rice so it’s not a full pledged maki but that I guess made it a light appetizer.
Wellnessland Center and Cafe is located at 314-C Sikatuna St, Brgy. Zapatera Cebu. Visit them if you want to eat healthy and start being healthy. Not only do they have great food but you can buy all a bunch of stuff to start your health journey.


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