From the group that gave Cebu Hukad and Golden Cowrie comes Salinas. Salinas is a restaurant specializing in modernizing Filipino flare and elevating it to a whole new gastronomical level. 

This is probably one of the easiest post I have ever done. It’s difficult not to like Salinas. Everything was delicious. 

The croquettes were light and delicate. Not your typical meatballs.

The salad was fresh and crunchy. I love the vinegarette. It was fruity and well-balanced.

The Cocido seems to me like a deconstructed Tagalog Pochero. All the components were well cooked. The tomato-based broth was clean and tasty.

For dessert, I had the choco taho. The choco definitely was from a Hershey syrup bottle but that didn’t bother me as the bitterness balanced out the very sweet sugar syrup.

All in all, this place is a must try and should be a go-to for anyone who loves great food. 


And oh, the service was impeccable. They anticipate your needs. They refill your glass of water even before you realize that it’s empty. That’s service.
Salinas gets a 4.75 out of 5.

As the name suggests, they are located along Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu City.  


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