Chicken Deli at Cybergate Cebu

Bacolod is definitely known for their chicken inasal (barbeque). A known Bacolod chicken place is Chicken Deli. Chicken Deli is short for Chicken Delicious so I had high expectations.They opened a new branch in Cybergate Cebu so we decided to check it out.

The review.

For appetizers, we ordered the Kangkong. It was simple. Blanched kangkong with a soy-based sauce and toasted garlic. I liked it. Nothing fancy. Direct to the point. Boom!

Entrees we ordered consisted of Chicken Paa, Sizzling Bangus and the Chicken Sisig.

The chicken inasal was bland. A bit dry. Mang Inasal was definitely better.

The sizzling bangus was definitely the highlight of our meal. It was seasoned well. It didn’t need any help from a dipping sauce. Chicken Deli is Bangus Deli.

The chicken sisig was the worst. It was sweet as condensed milk with the consistency of baby food or curdled milk. 

Dessert was turon. It was good. Sweet but not too sweet. It has langka which is always a plus for me in turons.

Chicken Deli has some good food. But their so called star doesn’t do their name justice. Maybe I need to go their main branch in Bacolod to really taste the authentic inasal taste they are supposedly known for. 

Anyhow, for this meal, I give them a 3 out of 5. 


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