Discovered a hang out place around our neighborhood.



Albur’s is a cool chill resto where one can have good food and buckets of beer. I visited in the afternoon but I can see how groups of friends will come here, drink and talk to the wee hours of the night. Although the place close at 12mn.

Ordered the Truffle Carbonara. For P170, I would say it is still value for money given the portion.



The sauce is very creamy and one could see bacon. You can actually eat bacon
not like in other places that uses it as a topping vs as an actual part of the dish. I couldn’t quite taste the truffle but heck the dish was still damn tasty.

The pasta itself is cooked al dente. Just the way I like it – with a little bite to it.

Albur’s menu does not only offer the usual fare like pasta but they also oddly but pleasantly serve  Banh Mi and Pho. Next time, I’ll be getting myself those.

3.5 out of 5 for this visit.

Albur’s is located along Gen. Lim St. in Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Cebu City.


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