Brunch at Gusto

After a not so serious workout at the gym, I decided to get brunch at Gusto at Skyrise Alpha in Cebu Business Park.

All I can say I am overwhelmed with the price and underwhelmed with what I ate. Disappointing given that I love thier Osobucco.

Protein Breakfast: bacon, pork and beans, hash browns and grilled ham and chesse sandwich

I ordered the Protein Breakfast. And boy, McDonald’s version tastes the same at a fraction of a prize. P200+ vs P100+. Ahh… noncompetition there.

Lemon gelatin este tart, anyone?

Being frustrated with my main, I had to get dessert. They had a promo. Order coffee and you get your dessert half price. So I got a lemon tart for P45 and it was terrible. I was expecting that lemon curd center to be velvety smooth yet I got gelatin. And the pastry was hard as a rock!

You can tell it wasn’t a good experience. Will I ditch Gusto all together? Hmmm… for the sake of the Osobucco, maybe not. But boy, they should keep the rest of their dishes straight.


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