Tom’s Spaghetti

Big Tom’s is a burger joint in Cebu City. So it’s surprising that they also have one of the tastiest spaghetti and meatballs.



I visited their Escario branch after i hit the gym. Famished, I ordered the classic cheeseburger and their spaghetti with 4oz meatball.

I had their hawaiian burger before. It was okay. It didn’t blew me away. The classic cheeseburger is a different story. Maybe because it’s plain and unadulterated that I was able to appreciate the taste of their burgers. The bun was soft. The patty was juicy and has the right amount of salty and smoky.



What surprised me though is their spaghetti. It’s fresh and flavorful. The sauce was tangy with a lot of basil and garlic. The perfect tomato sauce. The meatball was to die for. Crusty on the outside and meaty inside. Love it!



Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers is located in Juana Osmena St., Cebu City.

Tom’s is located at the back


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