A Sumo Meal!


Sumo Sam!

Every time you watch a movie in Ayala Cebu they give away freebies like buy one take one ice cream from Gelatissimo, or discounted hourly rates with Red Box, e-tickets from time zone etc. One of the coupons is the buy one take donburi (japanese rice bowl) from Sumo Sam.

Curiously named Sumo Sam, it may allude to their Japanese roots but with American sized portions that seem to be the trademark for the restaurant. And yes, the servings are ginormous!



We ordered the salmon, beef and gyudon rice bowls and a side of enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon that looked like squid. Taste wise, the gyudon was the clear winner as the beef was a bit tough and the salmon tasted, well, pan fried and placed on top of fried rice – nothing spectacular except for the hefty portions.


Now, this is woth going back to!

The enoki mushrooms were tough and you have to really chew off a bite or just dump one whole piece in your mouth. Smothered with a sweet teriyaki like glaze, it was not exactly great except for the bacon, i mean, bacon, it takes up a lot to mess up a bacon dish.

Overall, it was an average meal, the only thing really worth going back to was the gyudon. So next time you catch a movie, make sure you don’t throw the coupon right away 🙂


Our dear friend shenny was in town after months on a cruise ship 🙂
The beef, bow, well tasted like beef.


the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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