Alone in the Darkness

It was supposed to be a group night “photowalk” of the historic colon area in dowtown cebu, but my friends did not show up so it was a choice of doing it by myself or schedule another night photowalk.


Colon is supposed to be “scary” given its sleazy reputation. What used to be the center of commerce in Cebu has long been relegated to the background with all the malls going up all over the city. Despite that, the place still has a few stores where you can find the best and cheapest buys if you are brave enough to explore the place.


Sweet corn! Cooked right on the street!

The walk started from fuente circle where i took some time lapse pics showing the flowing traffic lights then i walked all the way to downtown in front of the iconic Metro, arguably one of the oldest multi-purposr malls in downtown.

Along the way you see road side food stalls that only come up at night, where people can buy the usual barbeque and puso and have their meals right beside the street or to take it home to waiting families.

Hastily put up food stalls, occupying the sidewalks
Choose your barbeque, chorizo, exotic chicken parts, addidas, helmet, isaw etc. Paired with puso

Despite the fearsome reputation of the area, i felt calm and safe, even when i am using my expensive camera gear and tripod in the middle of the foot traffic of people heading home for the night.

Overall i was pretty happy with the photowalk results, even though i was doing it all alone šŸ™‚ hmmm maybe i should schedule another visit.



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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