Soshyal Lunch LOL

What to do for lunch? Cooked a batch of pan fried pork chops, marinated in soy sauce and ground pepper and slathered with left over cream cheese with herbs and matched it with Penne Pesto.

Pan fried porkchops with herbed butter

We went to this supplier of herbs in Liloan, two towns away from Cebu city as we wanted to find a good source of live herbs for a small herb garden business that we have been planning with another friend. Bought a huge pot of tarragon and chives, perfect for the veranda herb garden we have in the condo.

While we were chatting, Rachel, the owner of the garden said she harvested a bag of herbs that she needed to get rid of as she was getting ready for a trip this Monday. We ended up taking home this big bag filled with fragrant sweet basil, parsley and chives.


We had some cuttings done and hopefully we can grow some of the basil and parsley at home but still had enough basil to make a small batch of fresh pesto sauce.

Switched the recipe a bit as we still had roasted almonds that we used instead of the pine nuts and used cheddar cheese in lieu of the parmesan. The recipe was pretty easy, 8 packed cups of basil, 1 cup of olive oil, 4 cloves of garlic, half a cup of parmesan, and a fourth of a cup of pine nuts with a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. Serious Panda said it would have been much tastier if we added pepper but i think the porkchop already had enough pepper for the lunch set 🙂 but yes, next batch would probably include a half a teaspoon of ground pepper.

Perfect lunch? Close enough yum yum yum!

Ps, when preparing the porkchops, make sure you cut off the skin before letting it sit in the marinade, believe me, it makes a big difference!

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