The Spice

The Spice is an Indian restaurant in Banilad. It’s in the spot where The Ranch, a rodeo-inspired grill and restaurant used to be.

This place is highly recommended by my Indian boss so the Pandas decided to check it out.


The uh.... slightly scary image that greets you right at the entrance

The place still has traces of The Ranch. You can still see American decors mixed with images of Indian Gods. This gives the ambiance a no nonesense feel. You come here for the food not the interiors.



We ordered samosas, chili shrimps, veggie biryani, mutton rogan josh and naan bread. Everything was delicious and tasty. The food was full of flavor and spice without being too overbearing.

The only complaint I have is that the mutton was chewy. It was like we had to wrestle with it before we can even swallow it down. It was still okay though.

If you want Indian homecooking, come to The Spice. Serious Panda gives it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Mutton rogan josh
Chili shrimps
Vege biryani, with yoghurt and curry to temper the hot chili
Tasty samosas

the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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