Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Bar

Went to Bohol one February weekend and we booked an aircon standard room at Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn and Bar. I must say our stay was very pleasant. The room was decent and clean. The standard room has a water heater and they provide towels. The place is also the perfect jump off point for the stand up paddling tour we planned for the following day.

The resort is set along the river bank, perfect for a refreshing dip!


Their food was tasty but most of all affordable. They have meals good for one which sells for 100 to 150 pesos. In reality though, the portions are big enough to be shared by 2.

We took the raft and rowed to the middle of the river to get a shot of the resort itself 🙂


The best part is the staff. Kuya Jun, Migs, Rommel and the rest of the staff are very accomodating and friendly. Will definitely go back.

Early morning calm, the floating restaurants on stand by before the lunch rush
Just found put that Tilapia is also called St. Peter's fish. For Php 150, it is literally bigger than the plate

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