Organic Pork?!



What the fuck is organic pork?! First time i heard that phrase i was skeptical and didn’t quite believe that the two words can co-exist. It is like saying eating beef is also being “vegetarian”, just because cows only eat plants. Ha ha ha.

But yeah, apparently, there is such a thing as organic pork, which according to an article in

Organic pork includes products from hogs that have been produced and meat that has been processed and handled in compliance with the USDA’s Organic Standards. These standards involve an entire process in which synthetic inputs into all phases of animal production and meat processing and handling are prohibited.

Apparently, the Buzz, the restaurant of the Bee Farm in Bohol claims that their livestock and poultry are all organic, aside from their own honey and vegetable production that they source and use for their dishes.



After landing in Tagbilaran, we headed to the Buzz in the Island Center Mall for a quick lunch before catching the jeep to loboc town. We ordered the pork ribs and the fish steak paired with some weird mango-peanut butter shake and the pineapple-cucumber-mint shake that tasted, well, organic ha ha ha.

The dishes came with a side salad of fresh vegetables and edible flowers (a popular theme of the Buzz) and a fresh spring roll with a pesto peanut butter dressing that was just heavenly.

For starters they gave us a couple of sweet potatoe bread slices, a side of pesto honey butter and mango honey butter spread to go along and the cassava chips topped with fresh tomatoes to get our appetite going.



They also use the red and brown rice variety, a healthier option to the usual white rice staple served in almost all restaurants. Overall, it was a good meal, priced just right, good portions, great taste and definitely healthier than the usual grub from fastfood restaurants. They opened a branch in Cebu city but we feel that the original definitely tastes so much better, or maybe it’s just in our head ha ha ha. Use google to search for the buzz 🙂



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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