When a Dessert Place is More Popular as a Meal Joint

What the Fudge! Pun intended, Fudge, a dessert place in Cebu City is actually more popular for their meals. It is not uncommon to go to their dessert bar and see tables loaded with people having their meals.

With that said, let’s talk about Pork and Beans, if you ever had Hunt’s Pork and Beans you know that you literally get one lil slice of pork, mostly fat, hidden in a mound of beans. If you are lucky (like lotto lucky) you get 2 pieces. When the Pandas contacted the company, they did say that the can says “PORK and beans”, not “PORKS and beans”. Ha ha ha

Back to Fudge, one of our favourite is the Pork and Beans dish, a generously thick slice of rib, butterflied for quicker cooking, grilled to succulent perfection then topped with beans in tomato sauce and served with egg and toasted pan de sal. Perfect for breakfast, but more often eaten as lunch and dinner.



We also like the pork steak, served on a bed of fried potatoes, a side of carrot-corn-beans in butter and topped with a forest mushroom gravy. Not in this post is another fave, what we refer to as comfort food, crispy adobo flakes on top of garlic fried rice with two eggs on the side.



And what perfect way to end a meal than a slice of mild lemon cream pie with graham and caramel drizzled on top. Hmmm. Love life! Live life! Eat well. Wanted to get the lava fudge cake but was already feeling a bit guilty over the heavy dinner. Next time…



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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