Value for Money, the Cebuano Way

Any place that features a cat is automatically a fave place for the Pandas. Specially one that beckons for us to come in lol. The waving cat is a chinese tradition, usually prominently placed near the cashier of any business as it attracts good luck and more commerce.

I was tempted to tell the cashier to move the cat to a more visible place as it was actually behind a pot, probably the reason why the place is not getting more business than it should despite the fact that the food is good!

In any case, what is Value for Money? To understand the Cebuano market, one must know that Price, Portion and Taste are the primary order of evaluation. The market is evolving but the first question asked is always, “how expensive is the dish”, then followed by “how big?”, and lastly, “does it taste good?”.

Expensive is also relative to portion size, something expensive can be justified with generous portions, something that can be shared perhaps.

Cafe Remo demonstrates this principle with the kinamatisan na kawali, at php 180 it is already considered as expensive for most. On the other hand, the portion is so generous with the viand probably double the size of the rice that often, you need an extra cup for the meal. Taste wise, it is also top notch, soft pieces of pork meat and fat, stewed in onions and lots of tomatoes, then topped with the crispy fried skin –  which makes it at the top of my list for fave dish in the restaurant.



Panda Jan ordered two meals, in fact, classified as value meals by the restaurant as the two piece fried chicken costs php 95 and the tocino set at 75 pesos. Again, price, portion and taste played an important factor in  making these good value for money choices.

Of particular note is the tocino, buttery soft, sweet, garlicky, meaty and with enough fat, it is an excellent meal. The chicken was sent back for additional frying as it was still red in the middle, a slight miss, but still a delicious and generous portion for the price of the set.

Now, if they can put that cat right in the front, this business would do much better 🙂



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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