Yakski in IT Park

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It was a long overdue concept, bring bbq to IT park. As the place runs 24×7 just like the call centers in the area, it makes sense to open a Yakski bbq branch to cater to the office workers that work through the whole day.

Yakski is one of two well established names in bbq, the other being Matias. Though PeskyPanda prefers how Matias cooks their bbq, Yakski beat them to the punch in putting up an outlet in IT park.

Yakski, in the middle of IT Park
Back ribs, thigh, breast and some pork bbq mixed in

Yaksi is more known for the special sauce they serve with the bbq, one variety is the sweet garlicky soy variety and the other is a spicier version of the same sauce. The only gripe that PeskyPanda with Yakski is that they usually score the thigh and breast parts of the chicken to a point where it looks shredded, presumably in an attempt to cook it faster. Technically though, the meats are already pre cooked, probably boiled and they almost always burn the skin.

With that said, the pork bbq sticks are good, with just a small sliver of fat at the end that gives it the kick needed.

Otherwise, PeskyPanda still prefers Matias.

See through cooking space



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