Carbonara Recipe, Well, Sort of

I had chicken leftovers from Shakeys, the spicy one, and seriousPanda wanted  to have some Carbonara. Since i don’t have the patience to create carbonara sauce from scratch i just researched “simple carbonara recipe” in the library, uh, google and i got the following from Nestle’s Facebook Page



Except i don’t have bacon, and the only cheese i have is probably a third of a block of Eden cheese that was on its way to becoming blu cheese if i left it in the ref longer.

Ah yes, i also had some chinese corriander (kinchay) and basil (about half a cup each), I also substituted one pack of Nestlé cream with the same amount of sour cream, still from Nestlé.

And since we wanted to be “healthy”, i added a can of spicy century tuna with the choppped up chicken and used whole wheat spiral pasta. The sort that looks like a pig’s penis. Ooops. Ha ha ha.

In any case, i also used half a cup of the water i used to  boil the pen…errr..pasta instead of plain water. Guess what? The sauce turned out to be uh-ma-zing. The sour cream sealed the deal.

Oh don’t forget, add a dab of olive oil just before serving. You don’t have to use the extra virgin kind, the pomace gives it just enough “experience” and body.

But we should have used the regular pasta, wheat pasta is a bit… grainy.

Overall, it was a good one, the fresh herbs made it more zesty and lively. Have to take a picture of it later lol.


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