A Veneto Pizzeria!


We have seriously found our italian happy place in Cebu. a Veneto Pizzaria is a joint in Manila that recently opened in Cebu and thank God they did.

Food was to die for.

The Spicy Baked Mussels was the bomb! The mussels were fresh. The marinara sauce on top had the right amount of heat.

The Meatball Parmegiana is muy delicioso. The pasta is just right. Al dente! The tomato sauce has the right amount of sourness. But the star of the dish is the meatball. No extenders and full of herby flavor.

The brownie ala mode is one of the best I have tasted. It is sinful with its fudgy goodness. I like that the brownie also has nuts for texture. 100 times better than La Marea’s.

We will definitely be back and I recommend this place to everyone. 5 stars out of 5. Yes. It’s that good.

– SeriousPanda

Spicy mussels in marinara and mozzarella
Brownie ala mode on a hot plate
Guess the names of the actors


Omg, seriousPanda is gushing over a new food find, it must be serious! The place just opened 2 days ago and usually it means that some sort of problem is expected with all new operations, but guess what? Service was prompt, fast, helpful and courteous – so that is a bonus, and this PeskyPanda agrees. Another happy place found in Cebu!

We had the opportunity to chat with Helen (Ellen?), the Davaoeña who married married a Cebuano and whose brother in law in Manila owns the restaurants – so technically, they are not a franchisee.

She convinced us to try the brownie ala mode and though we were already pretty much satisfied with our choices, we decided to give it a try. And the rest is history. I am guessing they used a hazelnut fudge brownie recipe that was just divine, with cashews and topped with vanilla ice cream and more cashews, caramel and chocolate sauce warmed by a hot plate.

If you ever hit some sort of depression, this will either pick you up or make it worse as you won’t be able to stop eating ha ha ha. Okay, time to plan another round.

Visit them in SM Cebu, lower ground floor, near the jollibee entrance side. (Hey, do we get to charge Jollibee for free plugging? Ha ha ha)

– peskyPanda

Meatball Parmigiana





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