Chop Chopping it Up

Currently the best Singaporean streetfood outlet in Cebu 🙂

The curiously named Chop Chop restaurant serves Singaporean street food in the heart of Cebu City. There are very few restaurants of this kind except for a few food bazaar outlets that “try” to serve asian street food dishes that don’t really live up to the expectation.

The pandas think that this one is currently the best and most authentic 🙂

The best part is that they have seafood options in their menu, actually, a lot of seafood options. Once you see food, you eat it lol. Specially with Lent, finding a good seafood restaurant in Cebu aside from the usual grilled options is hard.

Grilled Stingray in lime and chili and sambal, wrapped in banana leaf
Katong Laksa, clams, shrimp, fish cakes, glass noodles, egg noodles and a shrimp coconut cream soup base ah!

We ordered the katong laksa, a usual staple every time we head to Chop Chop, and had the grilled sting ray in lime and chili sambal. Now, i had this in Kuala Lumpur and was hesitant to order it as it is a tricky dish to cook. But wow, they nailed it. Mix it with a squeeze of kalamansi and the sweet pickled onion with bird eye chilis and you have a winner!

Other staples like the beef rendang, satay, bakuteh are there, but since we wanted seafood we couldn’t have ordered a better meal!

The only gripe we had was that they didn’t have the Milo monster drink. Hmmp. I believe they get the Milo from Singapore or Malaysia, which for some reason tastes different to our local one. Hmmm.



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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