Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to Taste Blah!

What is black, brown, red and healthy for you? Rice. Gone are the days that filipinos only eat the white, fragrant, soft variety. Most filipinos though don’t know that all white rice variety used to be brown and only became white because of a “refining” process that takes away the magnificent benefits of the raw unprocessed brown one. Just like some of our fellow pinoy’s obsession with skin whitening. Haaay. If you want to know more about the benefits of colored rice, you can check this article about 10 Reasons Why Brown Rice is the Healthy Choice. In a nutshell (or grain husk lol), brown rice has more nutrients and vitamins, good for diabetics, can help with weight loss (just don’t eat the whole pot).


Since we are also celebrating the lenten season, it is also just right that we go through abstinence and fasting  not only during fridays or ash wednesday, but throughout the whole lenten season.



That is why the portion controlled meals from Your Healthy Delivery is the perfect for the pandas on a weekday as they serve meals that are just right in terms of size and portion. With sets that are less than 500 calories each, dieters will definitely get the caloric deficit needed to drop some excess weight. More importantly, what this particular panda likes is that the flavors are not compromised. Clean, tasty, without being overly seasoned like most restaurants, you get to enjoy the meal as it should be. Try to eat it slow, your brain takes a while to process that you actually do  not need more food and feel full.



Wondering what the new set this week will be… hmmm

The only “complaint” i have is that the delivery boy rushes off before i can go out and give my payment, usually just leaving it with the guard. Not really sure it is a bad bad thing, but i don’t usually like owing people lol. Have to leave the money next time ha ha ha.

Try to check them out in facebook, just search for Your Healthy Delivery 🙂

Now, once in a while you need to treat yourself to something really sinful that you need to go to confessions after a meal, if that is the case try to read up on Cebu’s Original Boneless Lechon Belly

the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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