Being Healthy is a Choice!

I came across Your Healthy Delivery by chance, a friend recommended the service. And as pandas tend to overeat, it got me thinking “why not try this out? I can afford to drop a few more pounds and be a SexyPanda!”

I called the hotline, talked to Bea (such a sweet lil panda!) and despite the fact that i ordered past the noon cut off, she was able to accommodate my request for the low carb option to be delivered. (More below)


I was resigned to the expectation that it would be bland as most healthy options go, but found it suprisingly tasty and seasoned just right (read: slightly less salty which is good!). The packet comes in a bag, delivered to your door and you get a lunch and dinner set. (More below)



The portion is just perfect, if you are on a diet, not too much and once you have eaten the set you will feel satisfied. Not overly stuffed like how pandas usually do when eating a diet of bamboo shoots lol.

What makes it perfect for me is that i get my minimal carb, my protein, my greens in a complete package. (More below)


Definitely looking forward to their menu next week! Now, if you are on the go and after some quick but healthy fix, grab two wheat pandesal from Pan de Manila (13php), a sachet of tuna spread or cheeze (9php) and two eggs (20php).

Use one spread to lightly flavor the two pan de sal and stuff one whole egg in each. Voila! The lazy panda version of a healthy egg sandwich meal for 42php or less than a US dollar!

Disclaimer, pandas are not making any official endorsement!



the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


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