Glowing Homes for the Pandas!

The pandas had a cousin come over to Cebu for a visit, and what better way to spend the day than cap it with wine, cheese, some french pastries, pizza and good conversation.

Welcome to the Wine Cellar!

Given that La Vie is the “in” place to be seen  by young kids who have pretentions of being “socially refined” (pandas rofl when a kid asked what is the vintage of a sangria bottle ha ha ha ha), the pandas just have to be a bit tolerant (and less judgemental ha ha ha) and looked for a corner where we can have our wine and food and just enjoy the conversation. (more…)


The place offers a very decent wine selection (okay, we won’t attempt to be wine experts at this point, we are not!!!  but we do know what we like and what works for us.). If you want to be a bit snobbish, you can go hide out in the wine cellar and enjoy your wine, away from the kids in the open air section that features lighted domes and trees that twinkle in the night. But then again, that is part of the attraction, seeing people. (more…)



Food options are decent, you can order sandwiches, or pastries from the bakery/deli, pay for it in the counter then have it delivered to your table. It was pretty amazing how they found us given the number of tables and people milling around ha ha ha. You can also order from the pizzeria and pasta place which are definitely more italian than french, but who cares, they both speak like they are doing it with their noses he he he (more…)

Pandas and Cousin from Hong Kong!
French Bakery yum yum yum

The place gets packed, so be there a bit early if you want to get a dome for yourself. But for goodness sake, order more than just one bottle of sangria to be shared by a dozen kids who just want to be seen in the place.

For all its worth, La Vie made the wine tasting culture popular with the patrons, made it more accessible, if  not “pedestrian”. But who says wine should only be enjoyed by a certain class?  Enjoy life, enjoy the crowd, enjoy the experience.

Our cousins the polar bears live in igloos, the pandabears live in lighted domes ha ha ha
CousinPanda enjoying the night!
Our trees light up at night lol
Pizzeria under glowing trees

the opinions expressed by the pandas is neither an endorsement or an official review of a place, establishment or service. the Pandas are just very opinionated.


Pandas Love Notes from You!

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